Soft Wraps
Soft wraps

Soft Wraps

Order a Pot Luck Platter to receive a variety of our weekly specials:

We allow for at least 20% vegetarian/vegan, please advise if you require more.

Tahini Taster

- Roasted cauliflower, eggplant, tahini sauce, spinach & carrot top gremolata [VG]

Pesto Shroom

- Grilled mushroom, avocado, cucumber & sun dried tomato with basil pesto [VG]

Peas in a Pod

- Crushed green peas with mint, grated carrots, sun dried tomato strips & lemon vegan mayo. [VG]

Sweet Chick

- Poached free range chicken with tarragon, cucumber, spinach with summer peach compote


- Free- range hamm roasted pumpkin, honey mustard mayo, Swiss cheese & salad leaves

Gone Fishing

- Smoked Tassie salmon, lemon & herb cream cheese, red onion relish with rocket [Pescatarian]

Capponata Chick

- Poached free-range chicken, olives, capsicum & grilled eggplant and basil mayo with rocket


- Mild spiced salami, Swiss cheese, olives, grilled veg and capsicum mayo